You can create ticket with your question

Jackpot – the game for those who like playing for the high stakes. Those wishing to try their luck place a bet on a general deposit that is raffled among players at the end of a round

Coinflip 1vs1 - this game for two players, at the end of the round the winner is determined randomly.

1.Sign in through Steam.

2.Put an actual Trade Offer link into a Settings (You can get your actual link here).

3.Make your inventory public in the Steam Profile.

4.Select the game, place a bet and try your luck!

For Jackpot Game: Select the game mode and click at Deposit Now. Select skins that you want to deposit as a bet from your inventory. Click at Make Offer. Bot accepts your bet and places it into the game.

For Coinflip Game: Select the game mode and click a Сreate game or JoinJoin a bet. Select skins that you want to deposit as a bet from your inventory. Click at Сreate game. Bot will send you an offer and after you confirm, the game will be created or you will join the game.

For Jackpot Game and Coinflip Game: Bot accepts skins from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds only. Trade Offers with the items from other game are canceled automatically.

A bet sum limit is indicated in the selected game. Inappropriate bets are canceled automatically.

When players place the bets they get virtual tickets, one of them becomes a winner. If your item is worth $1, you get 100 tickets, but if you deposit a skin worth $10, you get 1000 tickets, and so on.

-Trade Offers with the winner's prize are transferred by our bot in automatic mode.
-If you win you will see a pop-up with congratulations and the won sum.
-A Trade Offer is sent to the indicated Trade Offer link in your Settings within 5-30 minutes. You should accept the Trade Offer.
-Sending of items can rarely take longer period of time because of Steam Lags or issues with Mobile Confirmation.
-If you have got any issues with getting your prize, contact our 24/7 tech support.

Why does a bot cancel my bet?

Make sure that:
You send skins from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds:, or skins from other games;
Number of deposited skins meets the rules of a selected game;
The value of a bet meets the rules of a selected game;
Your account is attached to your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator minimum 7 days;
While trading an offer you should not ask a bot for skins.

What is Escrow?
Escrow - a new type of Steam Guard, that secures users accounts from unauthorized trades. Starting on Dec 9, it’s necessary to confirm all Trade Offers by Guard Mobile AuthenticatorSteam , which is attached to your account minimum 7 days. Otherwise, Trade Offers are frozen for 12 hours to secure the users. Our bot accepts the Trade Offers which are confirmed by Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator only.

My skins went to another game:
The time period of placing a bet in a round depends on the load upon the Steam Servers and can range from 2 up to 180 seconds. Items can rarely be added after a longer period of time because of extreme load upon Steam. If a bet is placed close to the end of a current round, it can be placed to the next game. We are not responsible for the situations which happen because of Steam Lags.

I placed a bet accidently, how to get my skins back?
We are working only with Steam Trade Offer System. Every bet is confirmed by Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. Thus, the situations when your items play in the game without your confirmation or accidently are impossible. We cannot return the deposited and raffled skins.

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-you are 18 years of age or more;
-you are not accessing the Website from jurisdictions from which it is illegal to do so;
-all information you provide to us is true, complete, correct, and you shall immediately notify us of any change;
-you understand that by participating in the Games you take the risk of losing of skin;

As part of your use of this Website, we provide you with the facility of live chat, you will not:
-Use abusive or offensive language;
-Spam or repeatedly send the same message;
-Ask for Items or Credit;
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-Start giveaways that do not end with a winner.